Sifu Andy King

Sifu Andy King

Sifu Andy King is a full time Professional martial arts instructor, with over 35 years training experience in various disciplines and over 10 years teaching experience in Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu and Escrima.

Andy is the school owner and instructor of classes in Ewell, Epsom and Hinchley Wood, Esher and Thames Ditton.

He teaches Wing Chun Kuen at his schools in Ewell, Thames Ditton and Hinchley Wood, he also teaches privately 7 days a week across South West London, and the Surrey area.

Andy has over 27 years experience in Wing Chun practise, including various traditional Wing Chun systems, and is more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the differences in this modern style of Wing Chun, and the more traditional systems, Please complete the attach form for a General enquiry.

His evening classes based in Ewell/Epsom and Hinchley/Esher and Thames Ditton are energetic 2 hour sessions, running from 8pm to 10pm, if you are interested in starting in the evening classes please complete the form on the Evening classes page.

He teaches many private clients on a daily basis, if that is something you maybe interested in, please feel free to contact Sifu Andy by completing the form on the Private lessons page.


His martial arts training started in 1977 with intensive Judo training, under the watchful eye of his Father and 3 Sensei’s, training several days a week, this led to Crystal Palace and many competitions, his Judo training continued until 1984 when he discovered  Wu-Shu-Kwan, and his instructor Eddie Cheah.

Wu Shu Kwan or Chinese boxing is a full contact no-nonsense martial art with extremely physical conditioning, lots of breaking of boards, tiles, bricks and free sparring, and many forms or kata’s.

Andy spent a good 6 years training Wu-Shu-Kwan in class, and at home in his spare time, before discovering the beautiful art of Wing Chun.

In 1990 Andy witnessed a demonstration in Wing Chun, and instantly fell in love with the direct approach, economy of motion and power this effective art appeared to  deliver.

1990 to 1996: Andy studied the Wing Chun lineage with Master Anton Thomas.

1996 to 2001: Andy studied the Ving Tsun lineage with Grand Master Victor Kan.

2001 to 2006: Andy studied the WingTsun Leung Ting lineage under Sifu Lee Paul Heron

2006 to 2015: Andy studied and taught The Federation Wing Tsun System with the UKKFF and Sifu Lee Paul Heron

2006 to 2015 Andy has studied Escrima Concepts under Grand Master Steve Tappin, Wayne Tappin.

Whether you are a complete beginner and have been considering starting a martial art or have some experience and looking to develop your martial skills…. you have come to the right place.

The armed and unarmed methods of martial arts that you’ll study will dispel the myth that not all martial arts are for the purpose of sport (martial sport) but a realistic means of self defence, and although martial arts are a great way to keep fit, the primary objective is to remove yourself from the immediate danger while preparation to effectively defend oneself when faced with a real, threatening situation.

Why train with us?

Well it’s simple, We offer a 4 week introductory offer for just £20, then unlimited cross training at any of our ego free evening classes from only £50 per month.

Train with us and you’ll be investing in yourself by increasing your visual awareness, learning to focus, raise your fitness levels, gain confidence, lose weight, improve your core strength and much more while at the same time, learning valuable defence skills.

Sifu Andy King“By training in various martial arts for over 40 years, and studying with several Wing Chun Sifu’s for nearly 3 decades, this has enabled me to understand various styles of martial arts and taste the variety of wing chun lineages and differences, coupled with the different approach from each teaching method. I now enjoy passing this knowledge onto my students through general classes and private tuition”           
Sifu Andy King